737 Linings

Started hanging some of the fibreglass liners for the 737.  Unfortunately I don’t have quite enough height to fit it all in at the correct height, so the upper window line will be about 10mm too low.  Which will be perfectly acceptable.

A bit of cutting and sanding of the window frames to make them fit and it’ll look pretty smart!

Sadly, I don’t have the forward part of the fibreglass, but as it is different to the classic anyway I will do my own.  I have Nigel’s cockpit to take measurements and photos of, and there may even be some -200 panels at work that are ok to use.


…and what it should look like when done 😉

737’s New home

A bit more work on the man cave expansion

737 “Sort of” sitting where it will live, shows how big it really is…..

Man cave lounge has moved into the centre bay, and has a temporary ceiling (told you all that hoarding those ceiling tiles would come in handy one day!)

Success at Ken’s

This morning I spent more time on Kens Kingair sim, finally getting the PC to operate in full screen. Integration of a freeware G1000 has replaced the F1 panel, but that should change at the next visit.

The happy camper himself

Freeware Kingair G1000 works well, but should be replaced by the F1 G1000 at the next visit.

Final part of the visit was actually flying the sim, and with everything now working, what a great sim it is to fly!  🙂  Happy sim guy!

Loft conversion

Design is well underway for renovation of the loft, turning it into a simulator space, for the 737 Classic sim, a lounge/crew rest area, an “office” space, and storage area…..

Update:  Added my new chair, a ceiling and corrected some details 😉

The idea is to line down to a point, then create triangular storage in the eaves.

Man cave expansion programme

After a major throw out, and reorganise I have room for a “lounge” space, and possible “crew-rest” area for long flights 😉

I got to unpack all my “historic” fligtsims and put them on display.  In my collection I have Microsoft Flightsim back to version 2, as well as FS2 for the Commodore 64!

Skyhawk Compass and Clock

Fabricated out of styrene sheet and acrylic offcuts, with laser printed graphics stuck on.   These are only dummies for now, but the clock will work…. I have a clock mechanism on it’s way from China.  The clock will be literally “just a clock”, not linked to the sim, and without a stopwatch function.  At least I’ll know what the real time is 😉

Ken’s Kingair is alive

I spent a couple of hours at Kens again this evening, sorting out a couple of issues with the default FSX G1000 in his Kingair sim.

The only remaining issues are a connection problem with Simconnect, and the Flight1 G1000 staying blank… but that’s for the next visit.