A bit of Spring Cleaning

Once again, a ManCave visit lead to a bit of a cleanup! With the ongoing re-configuring of the sims, and the ManCave itself, the place has become a little messy…

So, after a busy couple of hours the space looks much better. With the room much tidier you can see the increase in usable space, which is a nice feeling given the radical changes I’ve made!
Still plenty of work to do; The printer cabinet needs to be ‘relocated’… out of the room, The cables need to be routed out of the way, and the carpet needs to be fixed up 😉

ManCave re-shuffle Part 1

This weekend I spent a bit of time tidying (read: chucking out) in the ManCave in preparation for shifting things around. After a bit of organizing, sorting, moving, stacking and generally making a huge mess, I was able to turn the Skyhawk sim around 90º and into it’s new location. Then, after much cable tidying (read: chucking out) I moved my 2 primary PC’s into their temporary home next to the desk, and re-cabled everything again.
I am **really** thrilled with how it has worked out so far, in fact there is a lot more space than I was anticipating. from my CAD modelling I expected it to be much tighter than it actually is…

Susan doesn’t look too happy… still, I’m sure she’ll get used to it.
The new view from the door… I like being able to see the sim, rather than it being stuck down the end of the room with it’s back to you.

Next step is to get rid of the un-used PC’s on the right, find a home for the printer so I can get rid of the cabinet it’s sitting on, sort out the cabling **properly** and find another piece of carpet to fill in the gap.
I have/had plans for lifting the sim up maybe 300-400mm to allow for storage (and PC’s below the floor, but with more space than I thought in the room, I may not need to go down that track.

More Linings and BIG ManCave Plans!

Another evening of ‘doing stuff in the garage’ tonight meant some more work on the 737 Linings.

Even has SouthWest branded tissues in the pockets 🙂

I’ve put enough fasteners in to hold it all in place so that I can plan the structure to hold it up. As I’ve said before; I want the sim to be fairly modular, so that I *could* move it in pieces, but mostly so that I can remove parts of the sim to work on outside of the confines of the enclosure it will be built into.

As part of the development of the 737, there will be a big renovation of the ManCave. For a start the 737 sim will be coming downstairs from the loft. The main reasons are access and temperature; not only is it hard work getting to the sim, it’s also too cold in winter, and way too hot in summer. The 737 will be just outside the current ManCave door, and mounted on casters so that it can be moved around to be worked on. The rest of the ManCave will have a shuffle with the TA-4 being turned 90 degrees, and going purely VR, while the ‘Instructor Desk’ will become more of a general purpose desk and be moved against the wall.

A virtual top down view of the planned layout, TA-4 on the left, Arrow on the right, and the 737 at the top, just outside the door

You can see in the render that it is a very cozy space, but with some careful and creative design I think I can make it all work and make far better use of the space than I do currently.

The 737’s new enclosure, just outside the ManCave door.

With the move downstairs of the 737 sim, I hope to turn the loft back into a useful storage space again, and recoup more space in the garage than the 737 sim will take up.

Graphic Design

While sitting on a plane recently I thought of a great gift for a couple of my plane-nut mates…. I thought about making a custom boarding pass, and having it printed on a coffee mug….

I started off by scanning my boarding pass from a recent flight for the layout, then replacing all the text with custom text boxes for easy customization, and finally adding some snazzy logos and a secret barcode. The barcode was generated using an online tool, and if anyone ever scans it, well… there is a message there 🙂

This was a proof of concept, and I am really pleased with the result! Now the question is: What next?!

New Sim for the ‘Stash’

I am always on the lookout for sim software to add to my collection, and recently while browsing Trademe I stumbled over one of the more obscure items on my ‘wish list’; ASA OnTop IFR Proficiency Simulator.
This is no flashy simulation game, this is a serious training tool… therefore it doesn’t have pretty graphics or sound, what it does have are accurate instrument panels and aircraft performance for 10 different aircraft. It even has detailed simulations of the Garmin GNS430 and G1000 (although it calls it a G1000 ‘like’ display)

So far, apart from unpacking it and quickly installing it to have a look I haven’t done anything serious with it. I have a grand plan to build a 32bit PC (its old remember) and set it up as a desktop training thing in the ManCave….

Man Cave Ceiling

While “Drunk in Charge of an Internet” recently I bought a piece of cheap camouflage netting to hide the frankly hideous ceiling in the man cave. It arrived, and after much head scratching, trying to remember when and why I’d bought it, I stapled it in place. Doesn’t look too bad, and certainly achieves it’s mission of hiding the exposed ceiling structure!

Doesn’t look bad for $2 plus shipping! It does however highlight the fact that the funky “coral” (because it’s not actually pink) light fitting needs a paint… I’m thinking subtle military black.

ManCave Inspiration

During a recent visit to the Air Force Museum at Wigram, Nathan and I looked at the ‘mock’ C-130 they have as an interactive display, and talked about things which would be cool to incorporate into the upstairs part of the ManCave.

‘Dummy’ Door, and cool non-slip floor
Very simple window frame, but very effective

The interior of the C-130 was pretty simple, grey vinyl material, with suitable stencils and very basic window frames made for a really cool effect. This may be the theme for the area at the top of the stairs where the 737 passenger seat is located. The plan for the seat was to have a window with a side-view from the 737 sim…. maybe an austere ‘military’ interior will fit in well…

While we were wandering around the museum we had a wee look at the Mosquito sim. Despite it being quite simple, it looks impressive, and works well… more motivation to switch the Skyhawk to a combat sim…

More Decorating, TACOPS Update, and a Mission Clock

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the ManCave lately, but over the weekend I did add some more stickers to the wall and fix a bug in TACOPS (for those playing along at home I’m up to v1.02….) 

Most of the new stickers have come from a trip down memory lane as I dug through some old boxes of photos.  The 29Sqn RAF sticker was from the son of my 5th form Tech Drawing teacher who was a Phantom pilot…

Part of ‘nostalgia’ trip involved framing a picture for Nathan, which got me thinking….  I have been wanting to frame my Air Training Corps Solo Certificate since I received it in 1989. So a cheap A3 frame from The Warehouse, an old NZCH VTC as a background, and my Certificate is ready to be hung somewhere in the ManCave.

I have been wanting to frame this since I first received it.  Finally it’s done!

With all my recent messing around with my TACOPS programming, I have been thinking about how I could set up the ‘Mission Commander’ station in the ManCave.  Using the big TV with either Google Earth, or MSFS with a tower/radar view, and an old (small) laptop running my TACOPS software I could make something pretty cool… But it needed more…. and I was thinking about a “Mission Clock”, or a sim-driven Zulu/Local clock. 
With this in mind, I did some messing around with an Arduino and some 7-Segment displays, working with MobiFlight.

And it works!

Spring Time Means Spring Cleaning

A quiet, Spring weekend and I finally got had the time to have a bit of a clean-out in the ManCave.  I got some old, redundant PC’s out of the way, moved CAMALUS (my main server) into it’s proper place in the PC ‘stack’, and even vacuumed the carpet!

Woah!  I can see the carpet!

Anyone who has visited lately will know what a complete state the place was.  It is now quite pleasant walking in… rather than having to watch your step so as not to step on or fall over something!
One down-side of my tidying was that one of my ‘Ship Drone’ PC’s departed for Computer heaven….   leaving my fleet one-down.  To alleviate this I dug out yet-another-old-laptop and got FS running on that too…

3 Laptops, 3 different missions;  Frigate (escort), Liberty Ship (Transport) and Control Tower (basically just watching)

So now, with the great PC reshuffle I have more players in my multiplayer adventures than ever before!  I even re-tasked my old “gaming” machine running as a 707 Tanker…..  

Another wall in the ManCAVE

After having the second plywood ‘wall’ panel sitting in the middle of the mancave for ages, Nathan and I finally got it in place.  Doesn’t look much but it fills in the wall behind the sim-case (like a bookcase, but filled with sims…) and will help with insulation once summer arrives.

Not a lot to look at really.  Still, once I get some pink bats in behind it, and the last bit of ceiling lined it should make it a bit more comfortable come summer time!

And now a Panoramic view of the Upper ManCave, with the 737 at the far end.  It’s a ‘snug’ space, but I really like it.  Please excuse the mess.. the room is in a bit of a state at the moment!

The good news is that I have sourced enough matching ceiling tiles to do the complete ceiling in the ‘lounge’ section of the space, so it will all look the same….   I need to figure what I will do to line the ceiling above the sim, possibly 3mm MDF, just to hold the insulation in place.