21 Squadron Patch

I was involved in the design of these patches back in about 1985, the final artwork was done by David Ragen, a fellow cadet and schoolmate.

At the recent squadron reunion I mentioned that I didn’t have one of the patches, and my CO, Paul Walker offered to send me one!

This is going on the man cave wall next to my 50 Mile Walk, and Solo Certificates!

A week of small projects

Over the past week or so I’ve completed a pile of small projects, things that have been sitting around for a while….

  • I finally got the insulation into the ceiling above the desk in the loft, making for a *hopefully* better working environment…
  • The 737/Saitek Throttle Quadrant is now mounted on it’s 45º offset mount, making it a bit more 737-ish
  • The stairs have all their “risers” in place, and a trim panel along the edge.  Just needs a couple of gaps filled before winter…
  • The loft has gained a 20″ Monitor as a cloned display from the laptop (for MotoGP watching, or Control Tower views…)
  • After *another* throw-out the 737 panel has now moved closer to being ready to bolt together in the loft.

All-in-all, lots of little things, but things are nicely ticking along 🙂   Not much to show graphically, but still good to see.

Man Cave Mods

This afternoon, while taking a break sitting in the upstairs lounge it occurred to me that I had the lounge oriented wrong!   Sitting in my comfy chair where it is currently you won’t be able to see what’s happening in the 737 cockpit.  So, new plan is to switch the room around 180º, meaning that sitting back in my seat I’ll be able to see what’s going on, and also see anyone coming up the stairs 🙂  Win-Win!

After this pondering Nathan and I installed some more wall linings on the Western wall, and some cat-proofing of the window…  Job well done!

We also added new chairs for visitors, the computer desk and temporary pilot seat.. all part of another $1 win on trademe!



A *much* nicer view from the Skipper’s chair!

737’s New home

A bit more work on the man cave expansion

737 “Sort of” sitting where it will live, shows how big it really is…..

Man cave lounge has moved into the centre bay, and has a temporary ceiling (told you all that hoarding those ceiling tiles would come in handy one day!)

Loft conversion

Design is well underway for renovation of the loft, turning it into a simulator space, for the 737 Classic sim, a lounge/crew rest area, an “office” space, and storage area…..

Update:  Added my new chair, a ceiling and corrected some details 😉

The idea is to line down to a point, then create triangular storage in the eaves.

Man cave expansion programme

After a major throw out, and reorganise I have room for a “lounge” space, and possible “crew-rest” area for long flights 😉

I got to unpack all my “historic” fligtsims and put them on display.  In my collection I have Microsoft Flightsim back to version 2, as well as FS2 for the Commodore 64!

Helmet TLC

A quiet afternoon on the couch, cleaning up this helmet for display. A little TLC combined with a lot of elbow grease and it looks much much better!