SWN: July 13th

In my normal fashion I have again reversed a decision in my projects. Some time ago I was working on a Tactical Ops program, trying to make MSFS into a pseudo-military sim, which was quite clunky, and requires a PC running a bunch of apps to air it all happen. I called ‘time’ on the […]

A Spark of Genius (or Madness…you choose)

Tonight while quietly sitting on the couch I had a great idea about using another PC in my ‘virtual ship’ setup… This second PC would be a surrogate for Canterbury when I arrived at a location and deployed the RHIB. This would mean that the surrogate would take on the identity of Canterbury while I […]

CT4 Forward Air Controller?

With my playing around in DCS, and my love of the FAC mission, I decided to try a conversion of my CT4 model as a working FAC aircraft in DCS. I had the basic aircraft geometry imported and converted, albeit with a few bugs so I tackled the task of adding weapons to it one […]

FAC Yes!

Forward Air Control is something that I’ve always been interested in, so with a little bit of ‘fiddling’ with some files in DCS, I have a pseudo-FAC aircraft set up. I need to define and test some ‘proper’ weapon options, but this test, with WP rockets worked pretty well. Looking forward to some multi-player missions […]

Change of Sim Philosophy

After the developments in DCS over the past couple of months I have had a significant change in thinking on how I will operate my sims. Up till now I have been working on a single, standardized software install across all my sims, but with the recent DCS developments, and some recent experiences with Orbx […]

Tanking Training

Saturday afternoon was a good time for some brushing up on my tanking skills in the Skyhawk. The afternoon started with Alex’s friend Jethro having a look around the ManCave, and a quick Air-to-Air refueling introduction.  After he left, I spent a bit of time in the seat. It was a great afternoon chasing both […]

A weekend of Development and Testing

After the development work on TACOPS over the past few weeks, it was time to put it all to the test.  Nathan and I fired up all three sims, plus the Tactical-Commanders station, Canterbury and a Navy RHIB.  The testing plan involved flying and sailing all the assets into the same location, and testing radar […]

More Decorating, TACOPS Update, and a Mission Clock

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in the ManCave lately, but over the weekend I did add some more stickers to the wall and fix a bug in TACOPS (for those playing along at home I’m up to v1.02….)  Most of the new stickers have come from a trip down memory lane as […]

v1.0 TACOPS Online

I had 2 goals for the ‘initial’ release of TACOPS;– Show all Clients as TCAS targets on AI Radar displays– Display all Clients on Google EarthAnd they are both now achieved.  It may not be the tidiest code in the world, but it does work, and I am very happy with it. I even have […]

TACOPS is alive

So the very first, earliest implementation of TACOPS is up and running.  At this point all it does is show the location of all my sim ‘assets’ as targets in Google Earth.  They are also shown as a generic looking blue circle.  This is actually the start of my attempt at using NTDS symbols for […]