FSX Transition Progress

After making the choice to switch ’58 to FSX I hadn’t really been pleased with it. I knew I would need to spend time with it making it work the way I wanted. A couple of things have happened recently to drastically improve my sim experience. Firstly I invested in some photo-scenery, from MegaScenery, and […]

Out with 2020, and in with ’21

2020 a retrospective. 2020 was a strange year, a statement nobody will challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, and pay-cuts meant a lot of impact on my hobbies, both in terms of time, funds, and enthusiasm.I did manage to knock a good number of items ticked off my ‘to-do’ list, with some interesting and unexpected […]

Arrow Flight Model Update

One of my pet ‘peeves’ with the Arrow’s Flight Model was the way the elevator trim functioned. Full nose-up trim gave about 80-85KIAS, much too fast for approach. It has been something I have wanted to try and fix for some time. Tonight I had an epiphany as to how to tackle the problem, and […]

More Arrow Flying

As I said in the last post; it is very nice to go out to the ManCave and just go flying. Tonight was a night for just that. I flew out to the training area from Wigram and just enjoyed flying around. The sim worked perfectly, the aircraft flew as expected, and even the weather […]

The Arrow is home

It was a nice feeling, last night, to be go out to the ManCave, flick the switch and go flying in the Arrow, with no worries about whether or not the PC would start. Though it was only a very short flight it was very satisfying! The flight was a quick ‘reposition’ from Christchurch Intl […]

SWN 11/08/2020 – Arrow Surgery

For a while the Arrow’s Sim PC has been giving trouble, mostly when trying to start it. Last week I was flying the sim home to Wigram from Whenuapai when it crashed a couple of times en-route. That was the motivation I needed to finally fix the problem!Tonight’s mission, therefore was to get the PC […]

SWN March 3, 2020

For this week’s ‘Sim Work Night’ it was time to give the Arrow a little love. She has been sitting in the corner not doing very much for a while with a non-working pilot seat stopping anyone from going for a fly.So with power tools at the ready I embarked on a quick and dirty […]

Seeing the Wood, Despite the Multitude of Trees

After a bit of a revelation it occurred to me that for a very long time I have been trying to create a simulation environment in my sims which is almost exactly the same as DCS:World provides. I have been, for a long time, been trying to develop a multi-platform ‘combat’ simulation, using the tools […]

*New Headset for the Arrow

A *new acquisition for the Arrow this week; A Saitek Pro Flight ‘Aviation Replica’ Headset, from my friend Mark in Adelaide (Thanks Mark!). *New means new to me….. This brings me one step closer to VATSIM flying in the Arrow… It’s now a race between the 737 and the Arrow to see which gets online […]

Change of Sim Philosophy

After the developments in DCS over the past couple of months I have had a significant change in thinking on how I will operate my sims. Up till now I have been working on a single, standardized software install across all my sims, but with the recent DCS developments, and some recent experiences with Orbx […]