737’s New Home

It’s been a long time since the last update, and rather a lot has happened!As is my normal MO, I did a lot of thinking and planning while sitting on a beach over the summer holidays, and came back not only re-energised but with a clear plan for what I wanted to achieve in the […]

RAF Station ‘Sector’ Clock

For a long time I’ve wanted a cool, military style clock for the ManCave, but have never found anything I really liked. However, during a recent visit to MOTAT in Auckland I saw a clock that was *exactly* what I was looking for, a WW2 era, RAF Station Sector Clock. I took some photos of […]

Building Expansion

With the Boeing 737 sim moving, a new sim room has been on the cards for some time. I’ve had concept drawings on the go for ages, and finally go the time to make a start on actually building.The final design for the room incorporates a corridor across the back of the cockpit, which will […]

Fake Sunlight?

A random youtube link led me to some interesting elctronic projects, one of which I could see had potential for my simulators.. that was; creating ‘fake sunlight’. The concept was based on up-cycling old LCD monitors or TV’s, utilising components of the display to ‘colimate’ the resulting light, creating a near parallel light source. Often […]

FSX Transition Progress

After making the choice to switch ’58 to FSX I hadn’t really been pleased with it. I knew I would need to spend time with it making it work the way I wanted. A couple of things have happened recently to drastically improve my sim experience. Firstly I invested in some photo-scenery, from MegaScenery, and […]

Distractions: Truck Sim

I am a long-time fan of truck simulators, starting years ago with ’18 Wheels of Steel’, through to today’s American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator. I enjoy the sense of achieving something, while passing through some great scenery. ATS was voted ‘Most Relaxing VR Experience’ in 2019, and it really is a great relaxing […]

Out with 2020, and in with ’21

2020 a retrospective. 2020 was a strange year, a statement nobody will challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, and pay-cuts meant a lot of impact on my hobbies, both in terms of time, funds, and enthusiasm.I did manage to knock a good number of items ticked off my ‘to-do’ list, with some interesting and unexpected […]

ARC-159 Update

The ARC-159 UHF Radio was one of the very first panels I built for my first Skyhawk sim, back in the early 2000’s. Back then I didn’t have access to CAD/CAM CNC or even plastics, so it was all made with whatever materials I had at hand. The design was all done in Corel Draw […]

Workshop update

For some time I have been planning a major re-shuffle of the garage space, partly to make room for the 737 simulator, and partly to give me a more usable workbench. The current bench was built to fit into a space in the previous garage, and is really much too small for most of the […]

Time to Dust off ’58

6258, the Skyhawk Sim has been pretty neglected for a while, for a whole raft of reasons. Last night, in the middle of a sleepless night, I had a great idea to fast-track getting her flying again quite quickly. So tonight, for Sim Work Night I set about getting her back and flyable. First up […]