Sep 26, 2022

Thursday night, I headed out to the hangar… (or garage, depending on who you ask) with the intention of moving my new IPECO replica seat (more on that in a post coming soon) into the 737 sim. Well, after a couple of hours work I had upgraded my web server with more RAM and another hard drive (for storage and regular backups)… but the seat was still sitting outside the sim…. Next day I set up a partitioning tool to clean, partition and format the new drive. And that is where it all went horrribly wrong. Not only did it *not* partition or format the new drive, it somehow screwed up the C: drive so that it would no longer boot! Panic inside, followed by loads of googling and trying various options to repair the drive… none of which worked!

Fast forward a couple of days for stress and head scratching and I have it back up and running again, with no data loss! So… lesson learned, backup strategy will be added to the server to save me a lot of stress and tears in the future when I next do something really dumb!!

By SeanG

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