21 Squadron ATC Reunion

What a fabulous weekend!  Catching up with people I haven’t seen for close to 30 years!

Paul Walker (CO During my time at the Squadron), Mike Waugh, Pam Nelson, Roger Nelson and myself

A formal dining-in, an informal breakfast and an open day at the Squadron helped bring back many *many* memories!

After the reunion I met Nick and headed to Ohakea for a quick look through the fence.

An old friend, the gate guardian Vampire at Ohakea.


No.21 Squadron ATC, 75th Anniversary

November 11th, formal Dining In, November 12th Open Day

Anyone who has an association to 21 Sqn, contact the Squadron through their facebook page, or let me know and I’ll pass on the info 🙂

Website updates

There have been a number of updates taking place on the website over the past week.  Most are behind-the-scenes, and others are in testing for a future release.  Tonight’s most visible update is the addition of a “Subscribe” option, on the right hand menu.  Subscribers will get an email notification when the page is updated, which will save you having to read my “I’ve updated my website….again” posts on Facebook!