[SCX] Dispatch Tutorial

Need Manual (i.e. fly your own thing) Company Route, and Duty Schedule tutorials…


For when you are flying your own route, rather than a company route

  • Useful site for ICAO code lookups – World Airport Codes
  • Go to dispatch.simbrief.com (log in if you are not already)
  • Select ‘New Flight’ on the Left Side Menu.
  • On the Flight Plan page enter:
    – Airline (SCX)
    – Flight Number
    – Departure
    – Destination
    – Airframe from the ‘Variant or Airframe’ Box. 
  • Once all Flightplan data is entered, hit ‘Generate Flight’ at the top of the page.
    There will be a loading window while your plan is generated
  • Review your Dispatch information
    – Flight Information
    – Flight Plan Summary
    – Load Sheet
  • *Optional* click on ‘Import into Charts’ to see your routing, with all applicable charts.
  • Download your flightplan in the correct format for the simulator/addon you are using.
  • Go to FSHub and log in (if you are not already)
  • Hover over your FSHub ‘Name’, then select ‘My Flightplan’ from the dropdown
  • Click ‘Import’ below the flightplan window
  • Click on ‘Fetch from SimBrief’
    You will see a green banner confirming the import, and the ‘Save and Set…’ button will go dark.
  • Click on ‘Save and Set as Active Plan’
    There will be a green banner confirming your flightplan, unless there is an error.