Nothing like a deadline to add some motivation

And it’s true!   Tomorrow night I have some friends coming to fly the sims…. and the ManCave was is a real state!  The Skyhawk had it’s throttle out, awaiting installation of a new throttle , the Arrow had no pilot seat… and there was *CRAP* everywhere, stacked on every available flat surface.

So, tonight was a huge working night on the sims, and finally a big tidy up of the ManCave.

I mounted the new Thrustmaster TWCS throttle in the left console, which meant removing the left side outer skin, removing the old throttle and it’s associated wiring, then re-positioning the panels behind the throttle, to match the new footprint.

Since I had the drill out I figured I might as well finish off the mounting for the Gear and Hook panels, by attaching them permanently.  I also finally screwed down the aft end of the left side console and tidied up a bunch of cabling where it runs out the front of the panel.

With it all screwed back together and the outer side panels in place (the first time they have both been on the sim at the same time in years!) I thought I might as well fit the insulated lining on the right sidewall.

An ‘Arty’ shot of the HUD with the wall linings and Hook lever in the background

Next the Arrow got some attention; since it will probably be flown tomorrow I figured it probably needed a pilot seat, as the 737 Pax seat is just leaning on the wall next to the sim, so not a whole lot of use.   A couple of blocks of 4×2 and some long screws and it is a little more secure.  Though it is still not the right height, it is certainly better than it was.

The final part of the evening was getting all my ‘IT’ ducks in a row, so to speak.  at some point in my tidying I had inadvertently disconnected an Ethernet cable, effectively isolating the skyhawk sim, and server from the rest of the network, and the outside world. 

With all the issues sorted, it was time to bed the sims down and call it a night.

Looking pretty sharp after an evenings attention. Roll on tomorrow night!



Well that does it!

A few events in the past month or so have conspired to bring forward the big PC upgrades in the sim cave!

First the HMNZS Canterbury PC died…. leaving Canterbury stuck in the middle of the Pacific… next, the TA-4, running old old Windows XP, wont run some of the cool LUA scripts I’ve been writing…..

So!  Now I have one of my ‘spare’ i7’s plugged in and about to be configured with a shiny new copy of Windows 7, and my now well developed FS9 build….  With any sort of luck I should get the thing running over the next week or so…  More to come as it develops!

Radar Cursor Scripting

Tonight, being stuck in a hotel room, I spent some time writing a LUA script to manage the radar cursor control in the Skyhawk.  Though the Thrustmaster software allows you to set the mini-stick as a mouse control, I decided to manage the input myself.  This allowed to constrain where the cursor could be slewed, which will save the cursor from disappearing off the display (as it does now!)

Small Panel mod

I have always planned on replacing the “HUD Repeater” on the left DU, well today I finally did.  This is the LH MFD/ADI from the SimScape F-16 Block 50 panel.  Next I plan on integrating their MAP display into the RH DU for when in NAV mode.

Well I did it!

After lots of deliberation…weighing the pros and cons…. and justifying spending money on my sim… I did it!

My new Thrustmaster Throttle will be here tomorrow, thanks to Mighty Ape’s fast shipping.

I’ve been a Thrustmaster fan since the early 90’s and have a fair collection of sticks and throttles in my collection <note to self….post idea?> and in fact the new throttle will be replacing an old WCS2, also from TM….

I can’t wait to get it in the sim!

New Skyhawk Throttle Option?

During a Trademe search for something unrelated I stumbled on Thrustmaster’s new TWCS Throttle.  It looks pretty close to the ‘Kahu’ Throttle, and is PnP so means no work for me to interface… and it’s cheap!

One possible plan is to sell my Cougar HOTAS setup to fund buying the new throttle……
So… “For Sale, one reconditioned Cougar HOTAS, F-16 stick and Throttle in Aluminium construction”…….

Here is the page on Mighty Ape for the new throttle…

Formation tanking

These photos were taken during a multiplayer mission a few years ago, paving the way for future missions 🙂

The 737 was one of our sims at work, the 707 Tanker was running on my old ‘TACOPS’ machine, and that was me flying the Skyhawk.

Sim Intercom

After much research, head scratching and changes of plans… I *think* I have a workable solution for my sim intercom systems.
I had gone down the track of hardware intercom solutions, even as far as using headset distribution amps and mic mixers, but after quite a lot of research, and a suggestion from an internet post I have found a really simple solution:

Basically it is a software mixer, which enables both internal intercom and a connection to and from either TeamTalk (which I use between all my sims) or Squawkbox when flying on VATSIM.  Only required hardware are USB sound cards for each headset, plus any impedance matching circuitry for the individual headset.  So.. ALiexpress order placed for a bunch of cheap sound cards… and then to set it all up!