New Clock for the Skyhawk

This came up on a website recently in the “misc bits” category;

Listed as “broken/not working”… but it was cheap.  Once it arrived I discovered that the sweep hand does still reset and even runs a bit… so I have hopes of getting it repaired, a new glass and installing it in the Skyhawk!  Now I just need a compass 😉

More S-3 Goodness….

Ok, so after adding the AI S-3 to the tanker fleet I went hunting for a flyable model for use on the “Drone PC” acting as the S-3 Tanker….  and I found the IRIS Classics S-3, with animated drogue…  I’ll be test flying tonight to see if the animations work in iBNet… if so, I’ll have a really cool tanker setup to use, giving me options for a Drone tanker, using the IRIS model, or an AI tanker using Menno’s model.  Today is a tanking good day!

Expect to hear the callsign “Texaco” a lot more in the sim!


TA-4 Intercom

I scored a headset mixer/amp from the recent ATR sim tear-down, which I earmarked for the Skyhawk.  Tonight I did a bit of planning on how best to implement it, and what I wanted it to do.   After a quick sketch of what I wanted to achieve I poked around in my box of audio ‘stuff’ and came up with a couple of candidates for MIC mixers.

My plan is to have;
– A Headset for the instructor
– 2 headset connectors in the cockpit, one for the U-174 plug of a headset or helmet and mask, and the other with two 3.5mm jacks for the ‘replica’ helmet I normally use in the sim)
– An ‘Observer’ Headset with option of ‘listen only’

Mixers from my ‘Audio stash’….  Both have history;  The top one is out of Russell’s 767 and Macchi sims, and the lower is one I used when I first played around with audio/video editing back in the 80’s!

As the plan develops I may end up using the 8 channel mixer Andy kindly donated to the cause, which up till now has been running the entertainment system in the man cave….

Change of Scenery

I was looking for a new adventure in the Skyhawk, so decided to “deploy” to Brazil, and fly with the Brazilian Navy Skyhawks…

Based at SBES, just North of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Skyhawks operated from shore and the Carrier NAe São Paulo.  There is also a US Navy Carrier off the Brazilian coast, so lots of opportunities for exciting flying!

Next step will be to get lots of good Brazilian scenery installed and tested, then mission planning can begin!

More Mancave Madeness!

Boxing day BBQ, and once again the sims were put to use in their “entertainment” capacity…

Tony had a ball tanking from the VC10, then scaring the hell out of Brent and Q in the Arrow while they made their way from Ashburton to Rangiora with a touch-n-go and Christchurch…

Fun was had, and no simulators were harmed in the making of the evening 😉

Big News! Sim Performance boost!

I have managed to secure replacement FS PC’s for all three sims!  The old Core2 Duo’s bite the dust, to be replaced with nice near-new (and done very little work) i7’s.  This may lead to the Skyhawk going FSX/P3D with TacPack for much shooting happiness!

New Skyhawk Instructor Console

I am involved in parting out an ex-Air NZ ATR 72-500 Simulator, and scored the Instructor Console for my sim.  The unit contains two 17″ touchscreens, an aviation clock/timer, audio panel and speaker, plus some useful push buttons for Pause and Flight Freeze.  I am sure I can find uses for more of the buttons!