Big News! Sim Performance boost!

I have managed to secure replacement FS PC’s for all three sims!  The old Core2 Duo’s bite the dust, to be replaced with nice near-new (and done very little work) i7’s.  This may lead to the Skyhawk going FSX/P3D with TacPack for much shooting happiness!


Some more nice old bits for the 737 arrived today.  Some cockpit liner sections from a 737-200, and some more panels for the pedestal!

This will fill in the gap at the front, just missing one part which *may* turn up yet.  Also got the “Bat Wing” which houses the compass.

Audio panels, Cargo fire and ACARS Printer!  This will help fill out the pedestal!

I *think* there are only 3 or 4 dummy panels in the pedestal now….


New Seat Design

I spent a bit of time playing with the 737 seat design this evening.  Primarily I was trying to make the design stronger, by creating a solid “backbone” as the primary structure of the seat.  I also moved up to 18mm MDF for the main parts, and 12mm for the seat back and Seat Pan parts.

The new design is much cleaner and simpler, which hopefully means it’ll be cheaper to make!

After getting to this point I’ve decided to add a solid base to the seat, which will allow for fitting castors to it..

A week of small projects

Over the past week or so I’ve completed a pile of small projects, things that have been sitting around for a while….

  • I finally got the insulation into the ceiling above the desk in the loft, making for a *hopefully* better working environment…
  • The 737/Saitek Throttle Quadrant is now mounted on it’s 45º offset mount, making it a bit more 737-ish
  • The stairs have all their “risers” in place, and a trim panel along the edge.  Just needs a couple of gaps filled before winter…
  • The loft has gained a 20″ Monitor as a cloned display from the laptop (for MotoGP watching, or Control Tower views…)
  • After *another* throw-out the 737 panel has now moved closer to being ready to bolt together in the loft.

All-in-all, lots of little things, but things are nicely ticking along 🙂   Not much to show graphically, but still good to see.

737 Decisions and a nice flight to Innsbruck

I have been pondering what software path to go down for the 737 build;  Freeware gauges, and Eric Marciano’s Easy FMC, or Wilco/Feelthere 737 PIC.

I posted on facebook asking about Easy FMC, and got a useful response pointing out that it doesn’t have up-to-date SID’s and STAR’s as it is all based on the FS scenery installed.  That started me thinking about the concessions I will have to make for either path, and which would be more acceptable..  a real conundrum!

Tonight, while thinking about all of this I flew the Wilco 737 from Heathrow to Innsbruck.   During the flight it became quite clear that there would be less concessions using the Wilco panel and FMC, and I started thinking how I could drive the critical bits.   I also discovered that PIC has a cockpit setup tool, allowing me to configure the cockpit options how I like them, and also to define keyboard shortcuts for many of the functions.  More investigation is required to map out what can be done and how, and what gaps it will leave.

Company traffic leaving Heathrow in miserable weather!

Heading into the Alps, South of Munich

Cloudy approach to Innsbruck RWY26

737 Seat Design

Last night I did a little experiment with Slicer for Fusion….  One simple Pilot seat, ready to experiment with laser cutting!


Update:  Re-imported into Fusion 360, tidied up some of the joins, and finessed the fit and positioning.   Then added seat pan top, backboard and base bulkheads (additional bits shown in grey)

Next step is to design the back cover (from the original IPECO seat) and armrests!

737 Linings

Started hanging some of the fibreglass liners for the 737.  Unfortunately I don’t have quite enough height to fit it all in at the correct height, so the upper window line will be about 10mm too low.  Which will be perfectly acceptable.

A bit of cutting and sanding of the window frames to make them fit and it’ll look pretty smart!

Sadly, I don’t have the forward part of the fibreglass, but as it is different to the classic anyway I will do my own.  I have Nigel’s cockpit to take measurements and photos of, and there may even be some -200 panels at work that are ok to use.


…and what it should look like when done 😉

737’s New home

A bit more work on the man cave expansion

737 “Sort of” sitting where it will live, shows how big it really is…..

Man cave lounge has moved into the centre bay, and has a temporary ceiling (told you all that hoarding those ceiling tiles would come in handy one day!)

Loft conversion

Design is well underway for renovation of the loft, turning it into a simulator space, for the 737 Classic sim, a lounge/crew rest area, an “office” space, and storage area…..

Update:  Added my new chair, a ceiling and corrected some details 😉

The idea is to line down to a point, then create triangular storage in the eaves.