It’s been a long time since the last update, and rather a lot has happened!
As is my normal MO, I did a lot of thinking and planning while sitting on a beach over the summer holidays, and came back not only re-energised but with a clear plan for what I wanted to achieve in the short term.
Back in the workshop some huge changes have taken place; the fold-up workbench is now completed and really nicely functional, the ‘room’ for the 737 is framed up and mostly lined, and there is now some decent lighting!

New workshop, fold-down bench, fold-away shadow-board.
The view from the workshop past the ‘new’ 737 space, and into the Mancave
60″ Screen for the new 737 visuals.. a nice donation 🙂
Planning on the whiteboard to double-check the fit of everything
*Final* startup of the ‘old’ 737, upstairs
And this is where it all went a little sideways; steep stairs and one silly old bugger trying to do it on it’s own.
My loyal helper making finishing touches to the transport trolley for the MIP
First startup with everything plugged in
View of the end of the room, showing the TV mounting
…which hinges for access. The lower part of the end wall/door is separately removable for access.
First flight, and everything works!
On the way to Paris
In lieu of an EFIS panel I have critical controls mapped to spare buttons on the yoke; messy, but functional!
Nigel’s donation: A seat made from plans on the internet, with cushions from a sim upgrade at work
Finals for Brunswick in Maine, formerly a Naval Air Station

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