For a long time I’ve wanted a cool, military style clock for the ManCave, but have never found anything I really liked. However, during a recent visit to MOTAT in Auckland I saw a clock that was *exactly* what I was looking for, a WW2 era, RAF Station Sector Clock. I took some photos of it and after some googling found out a lot about them.

Sector Clock (replica) at MOTAT

After a bunch of googling, a fortuitous search on Trademe got me a very good looking clock, which with a quick change of face gave me the clock I’d always wanted

My Replica. The face graphics are a touch too large, but I’m very happy with it!

There are plenty of resources online about the clocks, the genuine article is a pretty sought-after antique, and way beyond my means, or needs. The clock-face graphics I used are freely available at Joes Corner, a website about another really nice build.

By SeanG

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