[SCX] Tutorial: Getting Started

So you want to join Southern Charter? Well this is the tutorial for you.
In this article I will take you through the steps required to create your account, join SCX and install all the relevant applications to get you in the air.

Paperwork/Airline Application:
First thing you will need is an account at FSHub.io Sign up is free and really straightforward. You will get a validation email sent to you to complete the setup, but if you don’t; check your spam/junk mail folders.
Once your account is working, go to the Southern Charter airline overview page and hit the ‘Join’ button, then, if you are considered worthy enough to join the esteemed ranks of Southern Charter your application will be approved and you will have access to the Crew Portal (more on that in another tutorial)

You will need a few applications and plugins to succesfully get you online..
1. Landing Rate Monitor or LRM; The tool which connects you to the FSHub servers, and records all your flight data.
2. JoinFS; This is a cross-platform multiplayer plug-in for FSX/FSX:SE/P3D/MSFS/X-Plane. – Download the JoinFS version which matches your sim software.
3. FSUIPC; FS Interconnection tool which allows external applications to talk to FS. – Download the version which matches your sim software. X-Plane users will need XPUIPC instead.
4. Simconnect; Another FS Interconnection tool, which comes from Microsoft/Lockheed Martin and is normally installed in your sim’s root\redist\interface folder.
If you can’t find Simconnect installers on your PC FSPassengers has a handy Download.

Installation Part 1a: Prerequisites for FSX/FSX:SE/P3D/MSFS
You may already have these installed, so only install if needed
1. FSUIPC; Extract the installation file from the zip, then run as administrator and follow the prompts. No need to register, the free version is all we need for FSHub.
2. Simconnect; Locate either the redist folder or the downloaded version and install.

Installation Part 1b: Prerequisites for X-Plane
1. XPUIPC; Install following the instructions included with the download. Be sure to change the local IP address in the configuration otherwise it will fail to connect.

For the next part of the process it is helpful to have your simulation running, so go ahead and Start ‘er up!
If you get a warning about enabling FSUIPC click Yes:

Installation Part 2a: Installation and Configuration of JoinFS
1. Install and Start JoinFS
2. Enter a Nickname/Callsign when requested
3. Click ‘Yes’ to the quesiton about scanning for aircraft models.
4. Browse to the ‘root’ folder of your sim, and select whatever items you want JoinFS to scan.

5. Once the scan is complete JoinFS should appear like this:

If the [Simulator] box is not Green you most likely have a Simconnect issue.

6. Exit JoinFS

Installation Part 2b: Installation and Configuration of LRM
1. Install LRM from the download zip file following the prompts.
2. Run LRM, which may automatically minimise to the Notification Area (down by the clock)

LRM Running and connected – If you don’t have a green ‘Connected!’ notification, check FSUIPC is installed, and try running LRM as administrator:
‘Run as administrator’ in compatibility options (if required)

3. Configure your preferences, and Logon to the FSHub server
Click on Edit -> preferences:

‘Link your FSHub account’ then configure as shown

4. Exit the preferences window, and on the main LRM screen hit ‘Sync’ to retrieve your VA membership.

Hit Sync, then select [SCX] Southern Charter from the list
LRM should change to SCX Branding

Installation Part3: LRM/JoinFS Integration
1. In LRM click Edit -> Live Traffic -> Preferences

LRM Live Traffic Preferences

2. Browse to the folder you installed JoinFS into – normally in C:\Program Files (x86)\JoinFS-FS2020\
3. Enter your ‘Display Name’
4. Close the preferences window
5. Click Edit -> Live Traffic -> Connect

If everything worked you should now have this, LRM Connected, JoinFS Connected to the Simulator and Network!

Congratulations! You now have everything needed to go flying. LRM will start automatically with Windows, and log every flight you do, and as an added bonus JoinFS will automatically join you in a cross-platform multiplayer session.

The final thing to do is go back to FSHub, and visit the SCX Crew Portal, join the Discord server (so you can join in the banter), and go flying!