Over the past couple of months I’ve been flying the sim a ,new, and fine tuning they way it operates. I have a PC set up to act a success an EFB, which I can access from an old iPad in the cockpit. I amusing a combination of apps and web tool so to help operate the sim. Primarily I use SimBrief and Navigraph Charts, to create, then display the route being flown. SimBrief also output still my plan directly to the CDU in the cockpit, meaning it shows as a company route. The same route can also be imported into FShub as the active flight plan.

In the sim I have real-world weather running so I can use real METAR reports, whichever will reflect the weather synced to the sim.

Other cool stuff has been added to P3D, including REX4 and 5, and the ORBX global base and vector plus HD building the tree packages, which makes P3D look much better.

I have weather and terrain displaying in the Nav display, although the weather is not too reliable (yet)…

By SeanG

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