I have often pondered whether my sim actually needed an Instructor or Operators Station. My primary use of the sim doesn’t need many functions normally associated with an Instructor Station, but some functions could Ben quite useful.

During a recent sale I purchased a 1 year licence for Louis Gordo’s Instructor Station, which I’ve used before on a couple of GA sim sim we built at work. It has many of the functions that I couldn’t use, and it’s is cheap. But still, I’m not sure I would use it enough to justify the subscription price. I had an idea for creating a modular Operator “suite” of tools, with a configurable launcher to achieve what’s I was after.

For now I will use Louis Gordo’s and assess whether it is worth messing around writing something just to suit my own needs.

IOS and Navigraph Charts app on my “Operator” PC

By SeanG

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