Long long ago, a friend built an incredible B200 Kingair simulator. He eventually sold it, and through a series of events I ended up helping maintain it for the new owner. The simulator has had a series of upgrades in the intervening 10 or so years, and now sports a flash new Garmin G1000 cockpit setup. This is a long way of getting to the point of this post, but we are getting there… I promise! With the new Garmin suite up and running successfully for a few months, Steve (the now owner of the sim) offered me any of the left-over bits from the upgrade… this included the 6 radios, which were based on GoFlight’s radio technology, but in a ‘remote mount’ setup. I jumped at the opportunity, as I am a fan of GF’s tech. Fast forward a couple of months, and a deal has been made, of the ‘brown bottle’ type, and I have 6 working radios here.

The radios are currently set up as ‘Collins’ radios, with over/under frequencies. I hope to convert the digit boards to side-by-side and build some ‘737 Classic Style’ radios out of them.

By SeanG

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