6258, the Skyhawk Sim has been pretty neglected for a while, for a whole raft of reasons. Last night, in the middle of a sleepless night, I had a great idea to fast-track getting her flying again quite quickly. So tonight, for Sim Work Night I set about getting her back and flyable. First up was setting up the displays in the same way as I had them in FS9, i.e. vertically spanned. Next was to roll in the old FS9 panel config as a starting point. FSX-SE is a little different in the way it deals with viewpoints and zoom, so it took a little bit of re-jigging to get it looking something like what I want. Next was inserting and aligning the basic elements of the MIP and HUD. For this I am using Nigel Booth’s Kahu gauges, suitably modified to fit into my physical panel.

Still work to do, but it looks pretty good.

After a few hours of tinkering with the configuration I am reasonably happy with how it looks. There is still much to do, gauges need to be further modified to remove graphical bezels, and to make them interact with my switches.

From here the next big step is finishing the flight controls and throttle, then calibrating it all and doing some flying! CANT WAIT!!

By SeanG

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