iBNet issues

After much *much* work, manual reading and experimenting, I am no further ahead with getting effects working properly across players using ibnet.  And since ibnet is an FS9 tool, it is unlikely I will find anyone who can help me!

I have one last line of investigation to pursue this evening… hopefully that will make it work!


Simulated Terrain Following Radar

Tonight’s mission was to add TFR to some aircraft which will be used as drones. I chose the A-3 and B-52 as my test platforms.
The upgrade is quite simple, add a “TFR” button/annunciator to the panel of the chosen aircraft. Once installed it is a simple matter of setting your “terrain clearance” altitude in the normal autopilot “altitude” window, then engage TFR. The aircraft will then attempt to fly at the target clearance alt, even in undulating terrain. Due to limitations in flightsim there is no look-forward capability, so the system is only reactive, but it still works pretty well.

The A-3 test flight went well, navigating around Cairns, on TFR and HDG modes, at 350 Knots.

Many more screenshots in the Gallery, under “Desk_Sim”

MapBox Tiles for Plan-G

A nice addon for Plan-G appeared on flightsim.com yesterday. A custom Tile-set definition for MapBox. It completely changes the look of the map tiles, with loads of information, and a really good topographical/aeronautical look.

Flightsim.com Download Link

The readme has very good step-by-step instructions on how to get it working, and the results are certainly worth the effort 🙂

Queenair progress

Got some more work completed on the Queenair project. It flies really well! Next step is getting the head lining in, speakers mounted and the rudder pedals completed….

Parked on the CFS flightline at Ohakea

Enroute to the central plateau on a cross country "test" flight.

Exterior of the sim, and the sim room is coming along nicely. There will be an instructor station built at the back of the sim, with dual monitors, keyboard and mouse mounted to the wall.