Some Graphics and Lights!

When I was building my first Skyhawk Sim I got in contact with Richard of “Gekko Graphics” who produced an incredibly detailed set of A-4K decals. Richard sent me the graphics I would need for the exterior of my sim, which I then got computer cut. Fast forward 10 years, and I got another set […]

A little scenery project…

Just testing out some effects for use in “scenarios” in the sim….

I’m back! 3 years in the making, lots to catch up on….

Just a little flight in the sim! This is  a video I shot a while back, with an old phone… which explains the video quality….. Since the last update lots has happened.  My sim room has been flooded, rebuilt (better and warmer), the sim has progressed a little, and there is now another sim project […]

More paint…still no photos :)

In more paint matching madness, I found a match to the interior paint for the TA-4 and again found a commercial match to the FS#… this time a Dulux product, which is a copy-cat of a Resene colour…. which is a long explanation for the fact that I now have the correct interior colour! Amazingly […]

Found some old sim photos….

While looking for photos of the sim room I came across some old pics which I thought I’d share

Shifting, Shortening and Walls…. been a while since an update!

More than a year has passed since my last update, and lots has happened…. I have moved house, having split with my wife of 15 years, so the sim has a new home.  The down side of the move is that the new “sim room” is significantly smaller meaning that my TA-4 has had to […]

Well it’s been a while, but time for Part 2 of the story :)

2009 started with a new home, and at last, a permanent home for the sim. Moved house one weekend, then a week later left for Dubai for a month 🙁  Not so much pit building going on then. Back at home, and the sim finally moved in.  Man oh man, having the sim at home […]

The story so far….

I built my “first” Skyhawk simulator back around 1999.  The shell was built by the RNZAF Museum at Ohakea for use in an exhibit, but wasn’t really very accurate in terms of dimensions 🙁 As the project went along More and more bits were modified, or replaced until it didn’t look that much like the […]