Nice custom 737 Throttle Quadrant at work

I wish I could have one of these for my 737 project at home…
Sadly this is a special, built for a customer with *very* specific IO needs…..

This thing uses beautiful brushless DC motors with near-zero backlash gearboxes which gives a fantastic feel through the levers.

As a project this was pretty cool, a bit of a departure from the normal throttle quadrants we build 🙂

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I’m back! 3 years in the making, lots to catch up on….

Just a little flight in the sim!

This is  a video I shot a while back, with an old phone… which explains the video quality…..

Since the last update lots has happened.  My sim room has been flooded, rebuilt (better and warmer), the sim has progressed a little, and there is now another sim project in the garage….

More on all of this to follow soon, along with many more photos!

“Sim Selfie” which got me in so much trouble on Facebook!

Nice view from the office!