More than a year has passed since my last update, and lots has happened….
I have moved house, having split with my wife of 15 years, so the sim has a new home.  The down side of the move is that the new “sim room” is significantly smaller meaning that my TA-4 has had to be cut down to a single seater 🙁

I’ve completed the building work for the sim room, and just started painting it.  The timber came from an Amateur Thertical society, and is painted as shop fronts, so looks interesting to say the least.  Very soon it will all be a nice subtle military “Olive Drab”.  Meanwhile work on the sim itself has been slowly ticking along;  Radios are working and installed, although I need to have a go at fixing the code which drives them as some of the encoder inputs are not working exactly as they should…..

In other big sim news; I learned enough VB.NET to get myself into trouble (thanks Gene!) and have written a workable instructor station for my sim.  I’ll post some screenies just as soon as I get the instructor PC going again!  I have had the worst run of PC failures, which I guess is the result of using old second hand parts 🙁  Down side is that I now need to re-build the OS install on the machine, just to get it going again!

I have recently found a couple of cool links for finding paint colours: is a great site for matching Federal Std paint colours to other standards and even to “Resene” colours.  I matched FS 34098 “Mid Green” to Resene “Waiouru”. .  The TA-4 is now painted, and looks fab!

Watch this space for some updated photos, screenies and even some links… maybe 🙂 

By SeanG

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