When I was building my first Skyhawk Sim I got in contact with Richard of “Gekko Graphics” who produced an incredibly detailed set of A-4K decals. Richard sent me the graphics I would need for the exterior of my sim, which I then got computer cut.
Fast forward 10 years, and I got another set cut for the new sim.. and they look great!

I know it doesn’t make the sim work any better, but it looks great and helps create the environment and mind-set that you are actually stepping into a aeroplane rather than a metal and wood box 🙂

And now for some lights…

Last night while testing and repairing a PC, I wired up my interior lighting panel, and ran the LED light strips down the right side of the cockpit. I have a switch on the panel to select either Warm white or Red floodlighting, and a really neat little LED dimmer which John at Ruscool sourced for me. The dimmer module is cheap, and tiny. It comes in a nice box and the Potentiometer is easily re-mountable.

First test shots (the right side skin is missing in the photos)

By SeanG

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