Skyhawk night tonight, and it was all about the visuals. Turning the cockpit around meant that the projector and screen needed to do the same. Re-instating the projection system also meant moving the sim sideways to centre it on the projector screen.

The ‘Before’ image….

First step was to remove all the junk lying around, then to measure up for the changes. Nathan was my helper again, unscrewing the fittings for the ‘Do Not Cross’ tape.

Child Labor at it’s best

Moving the sim sideways was not a huge challenge, but moving and reattaching the screen was a mammoth task. I have elected to mount the screen slightly higher than it was previously, with the aim of raising the simulator up, making some space under the floor for electronics or computers (or maybe storage)

My projector mount is a basic slab of MDF with a swivel projector mount screwed to it. With plenty of dimensions taken it was a reasonably simple job to remount the panel in it’s new location, attach the projector and re-run the power and signal cables, at least temporarily. With everything connected it was time to see if the projector/screen relationship was correct. The best way to do this of course was to fire up the PC, and FSX… which led to a wee test flight 😉

Test flight, with a very dark cockpit

After a successful test I did a little more tidying and sorting, then *finally* re-routed and shortened the hideous LAN cables which have been lying across the floor for ages..

The ‘After’ image, showing the screen in it’s new location.
It’s beginning to look ‘a bit good’ I think.

By SeanG

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