F421 Sea Trials

After a *significant* refit, Canterbury today headed out on Sea Trials before being put back to work.

Canterbury seaming slowly out of the Harbor on her way to her Sea Trials

Back in April the PC running as my pseudo-ship sim died, leaving Canterbury effectively out of service.  Over the past weekend I built and configured the second i7 PC as a combined ship sim and Terminal Server, meaning that today F421, HMNZS Canterbury set sail for the first time in 3 months.

It was nice seeing Canterbury working again, and it marks a significant step in upgrading the entire sim network, with the addition of the Terminal Server to help reduce the number of full-size PC’s needed to run my sims.

Dodging traffic on the way out of the harbor

Torn between sim versions!

Since getting FSX:SE running nicely on the Arrow sim, I got all excited about running newer FS versions….    but tonight I ran and configured FS9….
Now I’m torn!  newer versions look very pretty, especially with Orbx scenery installed, but I have so much “invested” in fs9..  I just cant decide!  So for now, at least, the two versions are going to be running side-by-side.

I have 3, possibly 4, i7 PC’s to employ in my sim network, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to utilize them;

  • TA-4k sim, as the main FS machine, running both FS9 and FSX/P3D.
  • Arrow sim, FS machine, also running both FS versions.
  • Terminal Server/F421 sim Machine.  The local user will run FS9 as the Canterbury (complete overkill for naval ops!) and will be running Terminal Services for my Thin Clients, plus any other remote access applications around the house and ManCave.  I also plan on using it for DCS:World and VR.
  • *IF* the 4th i7 is a goer, I will make it into a dedicated Terminal Server/F421 sim, releasing the 3rd PC to be a sim/VR machine.

Recent software “finds”

Over the past few weeks I’ve come across some useful software…

  • One of the problems I seem to have in my sim network is clocks getting out of sync, causing issues with login scripts and file date/time stamps.  So, after a bit of searching, and testing I found NetTime which runs as a service in any version of Windows.
  • I’ve been experimenting with FSX/P3D, and found a really nice multiplayer tool which offers similar features to ibnet, including complex animations, lights and smoke effects.  JoinFS uses SimConnect to inject the multiplayer aircraft into the session, allowing AI to continue functioning..


ATC Sim service visit

It’s been a while since I last visited the sim, and it has run into a couple of issues recently, so it was time for a visit.

The primary issue was FSUIPC mixing up the 2 BU0836X controllers.. making the sim un-flyable..  But, after some messing around, and re-configuring it was all up and running.

After a bit of tweaking, Luke took it for a test flight and we are up and running again!  

Nicks Sim

Tonight I was throwing around some ideas for Nick on how he could bring all of his sim components together to make a cool sim out of it.  Incorporating his Saitek based MIP and GoFlight Pedestal and Throttle Quadrant he recently acquired into a structure which puts everything in the right place, makes a pretty cool looking sim :

I added my 737 seat for reference… but it got my enthusiasm going for my seat design again….   After a little bit of experimenting, and some tweaking of my design I think I will be able to cut all the parts on the CNC at work….   Soooo, I think I might spend some time and finalise the design and make my 737 seat!

Adelaide Sim Visit

Brent and I had the absolute pleasure of spending the evening with Mark Lloyd and his sims.  

Mark has built a Cessna 152 sim using a real aircraft structure, interior linings and windows to create a *very real* experience.

Mark’s 152 on the runway in Adelaide

It is great fun catching up with other sim builders and talking about this crazy hobby we share.  Despite the fact that we are effectively trying to achieve the same thing, everyone has a slightly different angle on how to do it, and what the final objective is!

Terminal Server

I have been playing with Terminal Servers and Thin Clients…   

I had a grand plan for a server specifically designed for Flight Ops/Flight Planning/Dispatch, with multiple connections from clients/thin clients.  Tonight I go a sample Win7 Terminal Sever running with Plan-G, Simbrief and the SimBrief Downloader running on a Win7 server, accessible from RDP clients….  What this means (in English) is that I can have some basic PC’s connecting to the Flight Ops server, and sharing the same Nav data, Charts and tools for flight planning, and automatically share flightplans with teh relevant simulator PC’s.

This may not appear to be the most exciting post… but it is pretty cool for my sims 🙂

Relative Sizes

So here I am sitting in the airport lounge with nothing to do….. so I knocked up this quick graphic showing the relative size of my sims (including Canterbury)

A bit of a giggle, but something I’ve wanted to do for a while….