Arrow gets some “War Paint”

I’m travelling again… so that means more FS development….

This time the Arrow got some new paint!   For some of my ideas for multiplayer missions I saw the Arrow acting as a Forward Air Controller or ‘FAC’, and for that it would need a completely different paint scheme.  I whipped up this completely fictional paint as NZ1770, an Arrow IV FAC aircraft attached to No.14 Squadron….

Didn’t come out half bad I thought!  So next up is the 737 in either tactical grey, or the same “Euro 1” colours……

Arrow Background

Doesn’t show very clearly in the photo, but I messed around sketching what the background might look like on the Arrow’s shroud..
It’s supposed to be “reminiscent” of the ramp at Wigram…..  Due to my complete lack of artistic skill, it is going to be block colours and black stripe outlines….  but should look ok… I hope

Possible parts source

Today, after finishing work on a customers sim at Bankstown Airport, I drove around being nosey, and found a business that scraps GA aircraft.  They had this Arrow 2 parked outside, not necessarily to be scrapped, but has been sitting there for a long, long time!
I am going back tomorrow to talk to the owner of the business about some interior parts for my Arrow….

This was just one of the aircraft sitting around in the long grass.  There was even a Chieftain (I think) fuselage sitting in front of the hangar which had windscreen, flight controls, throttle quadrant and even some instruments still in it!


Arrow Background Options

These are some of the options that have been suggested for the Arrow “Background”.  I need to decide which one I like the most, but also which one is within my artistic capabilities!  There is the option of getting vinyl printed for a photo background, but that would be more costly (unless I try China…)

Stripes on the Arrow

More paint work on the Arrow sim tonight.  Stripes, 3mm and 1.5mm supplied by Nigel (once again)

Next I need to decide what the background is going to be…. There have been a few options suggested:
– Black.
– Green Below, Sky Blue above the fuselage.
– Green up to the ‘horizon’, then sky blue above.
– A static scene, maybe a Wigram ramp view.
– A blurred background, suggesting motion.

I don’t know which one I like most, probably do some Photoshop mock ups to see what they would look like….

More paint work

Some more details, and a second coat on the Arrow, and some more grey paint on the wall.  It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint makes to the old MDF walls.  Got me all motivated to paint the whole room!

After sitting back, admiring my work  I thought I could paint a propeller on the door, give the Arrow a bit more 3D

After my random thoughts about some stencils on the door… A quick sketch to show Nathan what I meant…..

Maybe with a bright Yellow door knob?  🙂   Maybe even some sort of warning about the real world on the other side of the door….

Coloring-in time

Quiet evening in the man cave…   something about idle hands…

First coat on the white, and blocked in the windows.  The grey is lighter than I was going to use, but I had the tin open anyway… It may get some dark added later, depending on how it looks.  I really need to make the access panel cover now!
What I also did, but didn’t take a photo of, was paint the rear bulkhead and centre window frame grey.

Next up, since I had the grey paint out, was to splash some on the man cave door and see how it looked.  Well, that was the plan, but it seems I may have gotten quite carried away!

Doesn’t look much in the photo, but it sure looks better than bare MDF!  I will be investing in some more paint, and continuing all the way along the wall, and onto the printer cabinet.  This has highlighted the fact that the window in the door is pretty ugly.  I’m thinking of some sort of frame, and maybe some sort of slatted blind or something.

Sitting back admiring my handiwork I started thinking that some sort of sarcastic/humorous exit sign was needed by the handle.  Something about “Caution Real World”…
Incidentally, I also fixed the door handle, which has been bothering me for the past 8 years, as the knob was held on by a bent nail…

Arrow re-paint begins

The Arrow sim exterior was always intended to be painted, but time has never been available to make a start…. but today, being a cruisy, day-after-boxing-day… it was time.  I prepared a simple side view of an Arrow, and then projected it on to the side of the sim, scaled until it looked about right then traced around it in pencil…

First test, playing with scaling to make it look “right”.  Nathan is flying the sim and working as my model.


Main details pencilled in (though it’s not a good photo…) and the “Arrow IV” logo printed on an OHP slide attached…

It’s not terribly apparent in the photo, but I have the nose gear drawn, and scaled so that it just touches the floor, which I *hope* will look cool once it’s all painted.  I’m not sure what I’ll do for a background, may be a solid blue-sky colour, maybe clouds, maybe more detail….

The plan is to paint the base colours, then use striping tape to mark all the panel lines and details, and finally paint the background.  I know… that’s backwards, but I’ve never been known for thinking things through fully before I start 😉

More Mancave Madeness!

Boxing day BBQ, and once again the sims were put to use in their “entertainment” capacity…

Tony had a ball tanking from the VC10, then scaring the hell out of Brent and Q in the Arrow while they made their way from Ashburton to Rangiora with a touch-n-go and Christchurch…

Fun was had, and no simulators were harmed in the making of the evening 😉