Despite the rubbish weather at Ohakea, I had a really successful night of testing FSRecorder in both the TA-4 and Arrow sims.

First I flew (and recorded) a track in the Arrow, shooting rockets at various things out at Raumai, with the previous TA-4 tracks as a background.

Then I fired up the Skyhawk, and loaded both TA-4 tracks, as well as the new Arrow-as-a-FAC track..


Taxiing as -2 for takeoff
Not the best night for a formation hop…. above the clouds at 3,000ft!
Rolling in on the first guns pass. Smoke streamed from the lead aircraft…. I was just a bit busy to photograph it!
Join-up with the FAC on the way back… dissimilar aircraft formation is ‘challenging’ at best
Back on the ground, taxiing to parking behind the Arrow
Shutdown at the ramp. Warm and toastie in the cockpit… not looking forward to opening the canopy
And an AI surprise.. 40Sqn 727 taxiing past. I *do* like seeing my AI turn up 🙂

After a couple of entertaining flights, I can see that my ideas and plans for FSRecorder are entirely plausible…   A couple of issues with effects displaying to sort out, then more testing with different “weapons” effects and I’ll be read to plan a multi-aircraft scenario to record.

By SeanG

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