After a couple of tests, I ended up flying as “dash 3” in a 3 ship, all based on the initial test recording.  Flying formation with myself was a little surreal, and a whole lot of fun!  It did however show that I need to practice my formation work, both as lead and wing!

“Dash 2” and I joining on flight lead on our way to Raumai

This evening has been a huge success; now I need to move on to including different sims in the equation and see what I can cook up…    FAC Arrow firing ‘Willie Pete’ marker rockets for a Skyhawk strike perhaps?   

I am much closer to my dream of putting together a multi-player, multi aircraft mission in my sims!   After reading Stephen Coonts “The Red Horseman” I have always wanted to create a mission based on the airfield assault depicted in the book..  Now with FSRecorder tracks, iBNet multiplayer and AI Traffic as a background I think I am close to being able to realise this dream!

By SeanG

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