Arrow accidental upgrade

I was planning on upgrading the sim PC for the Skyhawk, but got distracted and ended up getting the new PC up and running for the Arrow!

  • FSX Steam Edition
  • FTX NZ Scenery
  • FS Real WX Lite for Weather
  • FSUIPC4 and GA28R.dll from Peter Dowson
  • Modified version of Carenado’s PA28R Arrow
I really like the “colour” of NZ with FTX’s scenery. This is the South end of the Port Hills.
Just an “arty” photo of the panel, with the port hills in the background…
I *really* like this shot. Shut down at the CAC ramp.

After a quick “test” flight around Christchurch, a little FSUIPC tweaking, and some tinkering and it is all working remarkably well!  Next step is to do some graphics tweaking to maximize performance, then it will be time to start exploring NZ again!

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