Possible parts source

Today, after finishing work on a customers sim at Bankstown Airport, I drove around being nosey, and found a business that scraps GA aircraft.  They had this Arrow 2 parked outside, not necessarily to be scrapped, but has been sitting there for a long, long time! I am going back tomorrow to talk to the […]

Arrow Background Options

These are some of the options that have been suggested for the Arrow “Background”.  I need to decide which one I like the most, but also which one is within my artistic capabilities!  There is the option of getting vinyl printed for a photo background, but that would be more costly (unless I try China…)

Stripes on the Arrow

More paint work on the Arrow sim tonight.  Stripes, 3mm and 1.5mm supplied by Nigel (once again) Next I need to decide what the background is going to be…. There have been a few options suggested: – Black. – Green Below, Sky Blue above the fuselage. – Green up to the ‘horizon’, then sky blue […]

More paint work

Some more details, and a second coat on the Arrow, and some more grey paint on the wall.  It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint makes to the old MDF walls.  Got me all motivated to paint the whole room! After sitting back, admiring my work  I thought I could paint a propeller on […]

Coloring-in time

Quiet evening in the man cave…   something about idle hands… First coat on the white, and blocked in the windows.  The grey is lighter than I was going to use, but I had the tin open anyway… It may get some dark added later, depending on how it looks.  I really need to make the […]

Arrow re-paint begins

The Arrow sim exterior was always intended to be painted, but time has never been available to make a start…. but today, being a cruisy, day-after-boxing-day… it was time.  I prepared a simple side view of an Arrow, and then projected it on to the side of the sim, scaled until it looked about right […]

More Mancave Madeness!

Boxing day BBQ, and once again the sims were put to use in their “entertainment” capacity… Tony had a ball tanking from the VC10, then scaring the hell out of Brent and Q in the Arrow while they made their way from Ashburton to Rangiora with a touch-n-go and Christchurch… Fun was had, and no […]

The Arrow makes it’s VATSIM Debut!

After getting my headset working well, I thought it was time to get the Arrow online on VATSIM.   Squawkbox 4 installed, fired up at Wigram and headed off to Birdlings Flat for some aeros… Christchurch Tower was online, so I requested a “practice ILS” while a Dash 8 landed, then missed approach and back to […]

Big News! Sim Performance boost!

I have managed to secure replacement FS PC’s for all three sims!  The old Core2 Duo’s bite the dust, to be replaced with nice near-new (and done very little work) i7’s.  This may lead to the Skyhawk going FSX/P3D with TacPack for much shooting happiness!

Arrow technology update

My medium-term plan for the Arrow is to get it online on VATSIM.  To do this I need to add a few IO items: – Transponder Mode Switch (STDBY and ‘C’). – Transponder IDENT button. – Radio Push-To-Talk – Working Headset interface. First part to arrive was this awesome headset interface from Flight Sounds which […]