v1.0 TACOPS Online

I had 2 goals for the ‘initial’ release of TACOPS;
– Show all Clients as TCAS targets on AI Radar displays
– Display all Clients on Google Earth
And they are both now achieved.  It may not be the tidiest code in the world, but it does work, and I am very happy with it.

TACOPS running, connected to 7 active clients

I even have the early stages of a ‘command prompt’ setup.  From the prompt I can disconnect, and reconnect to Clients, and exit the application..  Future plans include the ability to assign callsigns to Clients, and even to send autopilot commands to drones – useful for the Tactical Commander during a multiplayer mission 🙂  Imagine being able to vector a drone tanker to where it is needed… all from the TACOPS command console!

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