For some time I have been planning a major re-shuffle of the garage space, partly to make room for the 737 simulator, and partly to give me a more usable workbench. The current bench was built to fit into a space in the previous garage, and is really much too small for most of the projects I have undertaken. One of the main considerations in the workshop design is to not impact on the space needed for the ‘primary’ purpose of a garage…. i.e. as a garage…. So, as part of the plan I have incorporated a ‘Murphy Desk’ style fold-down bench, which gives me a big work-space, but folds away to enclose the storage space behind it.

The bench down in ‘Working’ position
And with the bench up and away. – Yes… it does need a paint

Above the bench you may notice something hanging from the roof. That would be a life-raft stowage door from a 737… it is there partly because it’s cool, and partly because it’s somewhere to store it. It is semi-functional, it folds down (for no real purpose) and latches back up in place… I have visions of it becoming some sort of funky storage cupboard, for what I have no idea…

Funky Aviation Themed Cupboard? Maybe….

Next step is to relocate the clothes dryer and storage cupboard, then move my current under-bench cupboard to underneath the new bench…. then some power, lighting, a vice… move all my tools and random stuff…..

By SeanG

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