With a $6.88 roller kit from Mitre10, and an idle hour or so this afternoon I got a little more of the ManCave wall painted. It has been languishing in it’s natural MDF tones for many years while my decorating plan slowly evolved. Now with a bit more of an idea of what I want it all to look like I was keen to get some colour on the wall to finish that side of the room.

With the first coat on it’s already looking better, and less disjoint

After a couple of coats, and some touch-ups on the existing paint I hung a couple of things up, put all the furniture back in place and moved Susan closer to where she will end up standing once everything is completed. I have to say that I am happy with the result. The next decision is what colour(s) to paint the walls around ’58. The options look like; continuing the green to a point, painting it all black, or maybe even a sky-ish blue… which would be a good backdrop for selfies…. 😉 Still, no hurry to decide.

With things in place it looks quite good. I am pleased with the direction I’ve chosen for my decorating

By SeanG

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