I am enjoying getting back in to writing simple software for my sim, and the TACOPS project has taken a major step.  Now I can view the location of all my connected sims on Google Earth!  
My application, along with *all* the instances of WideClient are running on my Terminal Server as a new user.  This means I can leave TACOPS doing its thing without impacting on any of my sim operations.

TACOPS running quietly on my terminal server

In its present form TACOPS consists of a simple console app, called by a batch file, which also opens all the copies of WideClient.  Eventually I hope to make it as a single standalone console application, with ‘text’ commands for management of the application and connected clients.
For now, having all connected sims showing on Google Earth is pretty cool!
With a bit of luck, and a quiet weekend at home I should have the ‘Dynamic KML’ ready to publish, meaning that anyone who wants to can connect and see what I’m up to 🙂

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