Tactical Ops Program

With my on-going quest to enhance my own multiplayer missions, I came up with a bit of an idea for creating a “tactical ops” application which will help coordinate, and enhance my missions.  First challenge was to write a test application which could connect to multiple instances of FS via Wideclient.  Through the foresight of Pete Dowson and Paul Henty the tools as available to allow me to do this… so tonight, I blew the cobwebs off Visual Studio and put together a very ‘quick and dirty’ console app.

As you will see in the screenshot I have 3 instances of Peter Dowson’s ‘WideClient’ connected to 3 different FS Boxes.  In this case a ship, a tanker and a control tower!  My test app opens a connection to each one, then reads the “Aircraft Type” from each client in turn, and displays it on the screen.  A simple enough test, but proof that I can connect to more than one sim at a time…..  Next to plan out what I want to do properly!

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