TA-4k Sim:DCS Conversion

The deadline for having the sim at least “flyable’ was Saturday, and I made it… just. We had a group of friends over for a ‘BBQ and Sim’ evening, and my mission was to get the Skyhawk sim converted over to DCS ‘enough’ for them to have a fly around. This got further complicated when […]

What a night!

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge, and last night was *THAT* time. After procrastinating for so long about changing over the main PC in the Skyhawk sim, I decided to just do it, and figure it all out as I went along.First step was to fire up the sim in it’s current state, […]

Compass and Clock for the Skyhawk

After making my mock-up compass and clock I started looking for real components to replace them. It all started when I stumbled over an inoperative clock on a suppliers website, then a black compass showed up at work…. 2+2 in this case equals ‘yeehaa’ 🙂

Another Sim Software Shuffle?

After recently deciding on the software for each of my sims, and the shift of VR into the Skyhawk, I have had a bit of a re-think!This has mostly come about by my breaking out my old Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS, and setting it up in DCS and FSX. Another part of the reason for the […]

FAC Yes!

Forward Air Control is something that I’ve always been interested in, so with a little bit of ‘fiddling’ with some files in DCS, I have a pseudo-FAC aircraft set up. I need to define and test some ‘proper’ weapon options, but this test, with WP rockets worked pretty well. Looking forward to some multi-player missions […]

DCS Development

The more I explore DCS the more excited I am getting about integrating it into the Skyhawk sim. I have been looking into the options for panel software for DCS, and had some good experiments with Ikarus using the F-15c as my test bed. I need to work more on exporting data from the A-4, […]

Change of Sim Philosophy

After the developments in DCS over the past couple of months I have had a significant change in thinking on how I will operate my sims. Up till now I have been working on a single, standardized software install across all my sims, but with the recent DCS developments, and some recent experiences with Orbx […]

December and Distractions

Well, since the Skyhawk appeared for DCS last month almost nothing has happened in the ManCave at all, apart from many *many* VR flights in the DCS Skyhawk!First Don (that’s Mr. Skyhawk to you) came to visit and trialed the A-4 in VR This is what Don had to say about the experience:“This afternoon I […]

DCS Skyhawk released

First multiplayer hop in the A-4 tonight.. the modelling and systems in this FREE add on are simply superb. Now I really am thinking that the Skyhawk sim might have to be a dual FS/DCS sim…

Tanking Training

Saturday afternoon was a good time for some brushing up on my tanking skills in the Skyhawk. The afternoon started with Alex’s friend Jethro having a look around the ManCave, and a quick Air-to-Air refueling introduction.  After he left, I spent a bit of time in the seat. It was a great afternoon chasing both […]