Tonight I spent time on the VR PC.  Doing all those “housekeeping” chores that I’d avoided when I built the machine *in a rush*…..  So, new chipset, Ethernet and USB drivers installed and a wee bit of tuning and it is running really well!

Of course this meant I had to do a test flight, just to be sure 🙂

First up was a flight over the NTTR in the F-15, strafing the RED guys.  Unfortunately, they seemed to get a bit angry and shot back!  The stuff coming out the back of my jet would be fuel running out through all the bullet holes….
So next up I jumped in the Tomcat, to make amends for my efforts in the last mission
And then this happened…..  shades of Top Gun.   1st person view, in VR of a flat spin is not very pleasant!

By SeanG

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