I have known about FSRecorder for a long time.  I even experimented with it a while back, but never, NEVER thought of using it in my sims……  until this weekend.
We had a relaxing weekend away in Hanmer, on on the drive there I thought of what I might be able to use FSRecoder for….  and the more I read, the more I got excited, and inspired!

Tonight, I recorded a quick “experiment” in the Skyhawk; from Ohakea out to Raumai, for a single guns pass, then back to the break.  Simple enough flight, nothing really that exciting!  Next up was to replay the flight as AI traffic, and follow it in another Skyhawk.  It was pretty cool seeing things like the nose “bob” as you check the brakes, and the nose popping up as you come off the brakes.  But the most amazing thing to see was the gunsmoke streaming behind the lead aircraft during the guns pass!  It looked bloody incredible!  

So now I have plans for putting together coordinated strike missions, with recorded tracks for all the non-player aircraft in the mission.  One of my perceived shortcomings in the sim was that military aircraft rarely went out on their own… now with FSRecorder I can record tracks for the lead aircraft, and follow along as -2 in the future…  Then, with the ability to playback one track while recording another I can add more aircraft to the formation or mission..  My creative juices are well and truly flowing!

Taxiing in after a successful gunnery mission using FSRecorder

This first test was in the Skyhawk, but the theory works equally well in the Arrow and 737 as well as Canterbury.  Mission ideas are hatching… plans are afoot…so to speak!

By SeanG

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