With a little planning, a sneaky visit to Mitre 10 on the way home, some elbow grease and beer, I now have a cabinet which looks alarmingly like the CAD renders!

The shelf above the TV is next on the agenda….

With a few of my treasures in place and the home theatre head unit hiding nicely in the bottom it is looking like the business. The finishing touch will be the glass top and some lighting.

Looks quite cool with a few bits’n bobs in it. The glass top will allow me to use the recesses in the tops of the crates to display small items.

Since I posted the concept drawing for this cabinet I have had a couple of very kind offers of glass for the top, unfortunately the cabinet is much bigger than it looks, so I’ll be pricing a 1200x410mm piece of glass in the near future 😉

By SeanG

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