737 Radio Interfacing

Some time ago after an in-depth discussion with an avionics guru, I started to figure out how I would interface my 737 ‘Gables’ radios, by using their OEM connectors.
Understanding the pinout, interpreting the “ARINC 410: 2 of 5 code” and converting it to a valid frequency.

While I was on holiday I spent a bit of time and buzzed out all the required signal wires and connected them to a Leo Bodnar BBI32, to see if I could get valid data off the device. The good news was that I could see data pins changing, the bad news was that without a +5V signal I was not getting reliable data. Next step is to get the +5V working, and see if I can get some stable data out!

Gables Radio, 28V PSU and a Leo Bodnar. Stage 2 of the project is a (partial) sucess!

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