Worth the wait

After more than 15 years the Skyhawk finally has ejection seat cushion covers! I built the seat back in 2001/2002, and it has been used in 3 different sims, yet it has never had cushion covers!  Today, in a weird twist, while I worked on jobs around home my darling wife Jenny sewed the two covers out of some O/D fabric I bought at Army and Outdoors a while ago. Looks pretty sharp, just need to paint the seat pack, and add some stencils.

A week of small projects

Over the past week or so I’ve completed a pile of small projects, things that have been sitting around for a while….

  • I finally got the insulation into the ceiling above the desk in the loft, making for a *hopefully* better working environment…
  • The 737/Saitek Throttle Quadrant is now mounted on it’s 45º offset mount, making it a bit more 737-ish
  • The stairs have all their “risers” in place, and a trim panel along the edge.  Just needs a couple of gaps filled before winter…
  • The loft has gained a 20″ Monitor as a cloned display from the laptop (for MotoGP watching, or Control Tower views…)
  • After *another* throw-out the 737 panel has now moved closer to being ready to bolt together in the loft.

All-in-all, lots of little things, but things are nicely ticking along 🙂   Not much to show graphically, but still good to see.

iBNet issues

After much *much* work, manual reading and experimenting, I am no further ahead with getting effects working properly across players using ibnet.  And since ibnet is an FS9 tool, it is unlikely I will find anyone who can help me!

I have one last line of investigation to pursue this evening… hopefully that will make it work!


More Comms work

Another evening of experiments and testing.  I now have a rough “fold back” happening in the Skyhawk so that pilot and instructor can talk on open mics, then by activating a push to talk (from either cockpit) both mics transmit to the other sims via TeamTalk.

Now we have pilot and instructor in the Skyhawk, pilot in the Arrow, and the Laptop upstairs in the ManCave…

TeamTalk v5 is an awesome, light weight VOIP/Conferencing package which works really well, and has features which really work for my sims!

BearWare – Home of TeamTalk

Comms system check

Nathan and I spent some time this afternoon repairing, configuring and testing headsets and helmets in the Arrow and Skyhawk sims. The Skyhawk pilots helmet needed a bit of rewiring and re-soldering, but is now working well.   Sadly my GA headset adapter didn’t work, only providing a “buzz” when the mic was touched. Swapped the headset and adapter out with my old faithful PC headset and it all worked beautifully.

Final testing was successful, with Skyhawk pilot and instructor as well as the Arrow pilot all being able to communicate well.  Nathan and I went flying and tested the system in “action” 🙂

The helmet also got some TLC and a clean, and had the visor cover removed.  Without the cover it looks a bit like an Alpha, so maybe it will stay like that… not sure

Back in the Arrow

After all the recent work on the man cave and 737 it was nice to spend the evening back in the Arrow for a night IFR cross country.  I took off from Gisbourne at dusk, and flew down to Napier, battling strong headwinds all the way.  A quick refuel and a drink, and off to Ohakea.  More strong winds, cloud and bad turbulence made it a challenging flight!  DME arc on to the ILS, which wasn’t working, so it turned into a VOR/DME approach….

A great challenging flight!

Man Cave Mods

This afternoon, while taking a break sitting in the upstairs lounge it occurred to me that I had the lounge oriented wrong!   Sitting in my comfy chair where it is currently you won’t be able to see what’s happening in the 737 cockpit.  So, new plan is to switch the room around 180º, meaning that sitting back in my seat I’ll be able to see what’s going on, and also see anyone coming up the stairs 🙂  Win-Win!

After this pondering Nathan and I installed some more wall linings on the Western wall, and some cat-proofing of the window…  Job well done!

We also added new chairs for visitors, the computer desk and temporary pilot seat.. all part of another $1 win on trademe!



A *much* nicer view from the Skipper’s chair!