737 Decisions and a nice flight to Innsbruck

I have been pondering what software path to go down for the 737 build;  Freeware gauges, and Eric Marciano’s Easy FMC, or Wilco/Feelthere 737 PIC.

I posted on facebook asking about Easy FMC, and got a useful response pointing out that it doesn’t have up-to-date SID’s and STAR’s as it is all based on the FS scenery installed.  That started me thinking about the concessions I will have to make for either path, and which would be more acceptable..  a real conundrum!

Tonight, while thinking about all of this I flew the Wilco 737 from Heathrow to Innsbruck.   During the flight it became quite clear that there would be less concessions using the Wilco panel and FMC, and I started thinking how I could drive the critical bits.   I also discovered that PIC has a cockpit setup tool, allowing me to configure the cockpit options how I like them, and also to define keyboard shortcuts for many of the functions.  More investigation is required to map out what can be done and how, and what gaps it will leave.

Company traffic leaving Heathrow in miserable weather!

Heading into the Alps, South of Munich

Cloudy approach to Innsbruck RWY26

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