Funny 10 minute project

Combine a bunch of bits out of the spares box with a simple 3d printed ships wheel… and here we have a ship-sim control console with wheel and throttle. Needs a better “handle” on the throttle.. but it does work!

Nothing like duct tape and spare junk 😉

Formation and Tanking Training

Multiplayer is now running really well and smoothly using iBNET. Tonight I had 3 drones operating; HMNZS Canterbury, B707 Tanker and a US Navy A-3.

Joining on the A-3 orbiting around Canterbury

Then up top to tank with the 707.. missed by *this* much!

After landing the Skyhawk, jumped into the A-3 and had a go at tanking that….

I really like the Alphasim A-3 Skywarrior 🙂

Finished off with a high-speed pass at Ohakea in the A-3, then landed… a great nights flying!

iBNET is great for a better multiplayer environment. More animations work, lights work properly, and even “smoke” works!
Check it out at: iBirdSoft

Simulated Terrain Following Radar

Tonight’s mission was to add TFR to some aircraft which will be used as drones. I chose the A-3 and B-52 as my test platforms.
The upgrade is quite simple, add a “TFR” button/annunciator to the panel of the chosen aircraft. Once installed it is a simple matter of setting your “terrain clearance” altitude in the normal autopilot “altitude” window, then engage TFR. The aircraft will then attempt to fly at the target clearance alt, even in undulating terrain. Due to limitations in flightsim there is no look-forward capability, so the system is only reactive, but it still works pretty well.

The A-3 test flight went well, navigating around Cairns, on TFR and HDG modes, at 350 Knots.

Many more screenshots in the Gallery, under “Desk_Sim”

Mancave decorating

Out with the paint brush, in preparation for a nice big RNZAF roundel to go on the door!

Test fit of the Roundel before painting

A little paint makes a difference
Only one rough coat over everything, a couple more to go. Then I’ll need to install a kick panel at the bottom of the door, and paint the handle and lock black. Final touch will be skirting board, and a capping around the corner to the stairs.

After consultation with my interior design guru (thanks Avalon!) I now have a colour scheme for the man cave! The wall in the photos is Resene “Waiouru”, which will extend to the back of the Skyhawk sim. The cabinets in the room will be painted gray; Dulux “Innocence” (which is the gray used for the interior surfaces of the Skyhawk sim….) with the opposite wall being painted some sort of “warm neutral” colour (possibly the same as in our house).
Around the skyhawk sim will be a dark neutral colour, probably the same gray as the cabinets, and finally a mural on the wall beside the cockpit, as a background for taking selfies 😉

Some *actual* 737 work…..

Well, not a *lot* of work…. I’ve had a “donated” TV sitting in the garage for a few months, destined for the 737. As it came from Hong Kong it had a UK plug on it and I hadn’t gotten around to changing it to see if the thing even went….
Tonight I hooked it up and tested it!
Sat the 737 MIP in front of the screen for a bit of a giggle… Motivation achieved!

Sounds good!

I bought some better speakers for the man cave audio off Trademe… these nice looking wooden speakers were a $1 reserve auction which I won for….. $1 🙂

Very pleased with my purchase, and the improvement in sound is fantabulous!

They look even better with the covers off 😉