Formation and Tanking Training

Multiplayer is now running really well and smoothly using iBNET. Tonight I had 3 drones operating; HMNZS Canterbury, B707 Tanker and a US Navy A-3.

Joining on the A-3 orbiting around Canterbury

Then up top to tank with the 707.. missed by *this* much!

After landing the Skyhawk, jumped into the A-3 and had a go at tanking that….

I really like the Alphasim A-3 Skywarrior 🙂

Finished off with a high-speed pass at Ohakea in the A-3, then landed… a great nights flying!

iBNET is great for a better multiplayer environment. More animations work, lights work properly, and even “smoke” works!
Check it out at: iBirdSoft

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