Recon Up North

Tonight I decided that it was time to put together a very simple mission into North Korea.  Primary platform was the Skyhawk on a tactical recon of some smaller airfields around Wonsan.   The 737 was orbiting just South of the DMZ, and Canterbury was ‘hiding’ behind an Island off the coast of Wonsan.  The idea was to rendezvous with the 737 on the way North, then descend to low level for the tactical part of the mission.  After Wonsan, I would do a fly-by on Canterbury, before heading back down the coast, via the final airfield in the mission.

Even before the mission got going there was a setback with my plan;  The 737 lost *half* of the CDU display, making it basically useless.  So the plan for the 737 was changed, on the fly, and launched without a functioning FMS!

Rendezvous with the 737 went ok, then it was time to descend into the weeds and head North

The weather was pretty awful, with turbulence and rain at 15,000ft, but lower down it was far, far worse, with low cloud and bad visibility.

Bad vis’ keep me on my toes, AAA was only visible at the last moment, and occasionally cloud would obscure mountain sides creating a few ‘tense’ moments!
Recon of the first airfield, and a quick snapshot at a AAA site on the way past!

At the first ‘target’ airfield I encountered a concentration of AAA, and had a quick snap-shot at them as I passed….”honor the threat” as the  strike guys say 😉    Next up was a quick pass over Wonsan airfield for a couple of photo passes, then out to wave at the crew of Canterbury.

Canterbury ‘hiding’ behind an Island off Wonsan
Final blast down the coast, and yes, that is 614 KIAS showing on the HUD!

Finally back at Osan, waving to the neighbors on the way to my parking spot

It was a great mission, but a shame the 737 has failed it’s CDU…. that just moved to the top of my list to repair!  Next time I want to roll some FS-Recorder tracks into the mix, with maybe some FAC action in the Arrow…

Shut down at the ramp.

0.9 Hours in the log, a bunch of photos… now it’s time to build on the mission and bring more elements into play!

Canterbury arrives on Station

After 13 days at sea Canterbury has arrived on Station in the Sea of Japan, and has executed her first mission; a covert insertion of special forces…….

Barely making steerage way, Canterbury disembarks a special forces team of the coast of North Korea……

Now that Canterbury is in place, more MP and FSRecorder ops should follow!

Canterbury is operational again!

After successful Sea Trials, Canterbury is operational once again, and has set sail for the North Pacific, and a rendezvous  with the other sims 😉

Canterbury passing close by the South coast of Norfolk Island. Next sight of land should be Bouganville Island in a couple of days

The tests, running both FS9 and a terminal server have worked out really well, with no real issues encountered.  The next step is to get Canterbury operating on iBNet again, then get some multiplayer scenarios together for the next ‘Sim Night’


F421 Sea Trials

After a *significant* refit, Canterbury today headed out on Sea Trials before being put back to work.

Canterbury seaming slowly out of the Harbor on her way to her Sea Trials

Back in April the PC running as my pseudo-ship sim died, leaving Canterbury effectively out of service.  Over the past weekend I built and configured the second i7 PC as a combined ship sim and Terminal Server, meaning that today F421, HMNZS Canterbury set sail for the first time in 3 months.

It was nice seeing Canterbury working again, and it marks a significant step in upgrading the entire sim network, with the addition of the Terminal Server to help reduce the number of full-size PC’s needed to run my sims.

Dodging traffic on the way out of the harbor

Well that does it!

A few events in the past month or so have conspired to bring forward the big PC upgrades in the sim cave!

First the HMNZS Canterbury PC died…. leaving Canterbury stuck in the middle of the Pacific… next, the TA-4, running old old Windows XP, wont run some of the cool LUA scripts I’ve been writing…..

So!  Now I have one of my ‘spare’ i7’s plugged in and about to be configured with a shiny new copy of Windows 7, and my now well developed FS9 build….  With any sort of luck I should get the thing running over the next week or so…  More to come as it develops!

Around the World in 80 Days

This sounds like a lot of fun… but because I am ‘me’.. I am thinking of doing the trip by sea, mostly, and then mixing some other sims in along the way 🙂

From the Aerosoft Forum:
Join us in a aviation version of the famous journey made by Phileas Fogg, traveling around the world in 80 days. We leave on October 2nd and arrive on December 21st. Check out the rules and when you like to join create your own dairy topic.

Aerosoft “Around the World in 80 Days” Club

So Long Flashies….

“Flashing” or flickering gauges have plagued both the 737 and F421 sim PC’s.  Both are running good graphics cards, both are running Win7x64…  I *know* both of these machines ran FS9 nicely under Windows XP.

After a bit of google searching and forum reading I had no clear fix, or even a cause!

Tonight I installed and ran nVidia Inspector, applied my favorite settings, then disabled Anti-Aliasing, and texture filtering inside fs9 and voila!  no more flashing/flickering gauges!