18/02/2020 Update

Since I have been doing weekly ‘Sim Work’ nights I have achieved quite a lot. This week I didn’t really go near any of the sims, instead I spent the evening clearing out, and organising the garage. I have a fair collection of useful stuff (also called ‘junk’ by my beloved wife) hoarded, I mean ‘stored’ in the garage, but in recent times it has gotten a little out of control. Tonight’s mission was to strip out the cabinets under the TV in the ManCave to make way for the ‘cube’ shelves currently in the soon to be defunct ‘Upstairs Lounge’. Part of my big rethink is to move the 737 sim downstairs, for the exact same reason I moved the Arrow…. it is not terribly pleasant up there in cold or hot weather. As part of this shift I am closing the Upstairs Lounge, and incorporating what I can into the main ManCave space. I’d like to move my comfy arm chair down, but I don’t know that I will have the space. Back to the story.. To move the cube shelves I needed to move the current cabinet, to do that I needed space for it to go into in the garage, hence the sort/tidy/chuck-out session to make room, and make better use of the space.

End result is that I now have the first of the old cabinets removed, and loads more room to move. Who knows, next week I may get the re-purposed shelves downstairs and into place! Photos to follow once the dust settles 🙂

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