Another wall in the ManCAVE

After having the second plywood ‘wall’ panel sitting in the middle of the mancave for ages, Nathan and I finally got it in place.  Doesn’t look much but it fills in the wall behind the sim-case (like a bookcase, but filled with sims…) and will help with insulation once summer arrives.

Not a lot to look at really.  Still, once I get some pink bats in behind it, and the last bit of ceiling lined it should make it a bit more comfortable come summer time!

And now a Panoramic view of the Upper ManCave, with the 737 at the far end.  It’s a ‘snug’ space, but I really like it.  Please excuse the mess.. the room is in a bit of a state at the moment!

The good news is that I have sourced enough matching ceiling tiles to do the complete ceiling in the ‘lounge’ section of the space, so it will all look the same….   I need to figure what I will do to line the ceiling above the sim, possibly 3mm MDF, just to hold the insulation in place.

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