Brent, long time friend and complete sim-nutter visited the ‘cave again tonight with a specific mission:  To have a ‘go’ with VR, and DCS:World.

Blasting down a valley in the TF-51 Mustang

After screaming around in the Macchi, then the mustang (keeping it Kiwi!) and uttering oaths about how good VR was, I shifted him into FSX with “FlyInside”.   Brent stated that he wasn’t keen on helicopters in FS, and had never really gotten the ‘feel’ for them… so obviously I put him straight in the Bell 206 JetRanger, which he flew with no real problems!  VR is incredible for making you feel as if you really are flying.  More oaths, more smiles, then it was time to switch to the Skyhawk sim, and catch up on all the improvements that have happened since his last visit.

Ready to taxi as -3 in a formation of Skyhawks

The Skyhawk hop was just a quick blat out to the Raumai range, as ‘dash 3’ in a flight of Skyhawks, fly a couple of guns passes, chase the FAC Arrow around then return to Ohakea.  Gun camera footage to follow showing just how close he got to the Arrow 🙂

Then as a final flight of the evening we headed upstairs to have a first look at the 737 Classic.

Captain Smith at the controls of ‘SAC505’ out of RKTH

A quick blast-off from RKTH, then an orbit over the bay to spot HMNZS Canterbury, and back to the field for a visual approach and landing.

Looking for Canterbury somewhere out in the bay

A good, fun evening exploring lots of different aspects of our hobby!

By SeanG

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