Since getting FSX:SE running nicely on the Arrow sim, I got all excited about running newer FS versions….    but tonight I ran and configured FS9….
Now I’m torn!  newer versions look very pretty, especially with Orbx scenery installed, but I have so much “invested” in fs9..  I just cant decide!  So for now, at least, the two versions are going to be running side-by-side.

I have 3, possibly 4, i7 PC’s to employ in my sim network, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to utilize them;

  • TA-4k sim, as the main FS machine, running both FS9 and FSX/P3D.
  • Arrow sim, FS machine, also running both FS versions.
  • Terminal Server/F421 sim Machine.  The local user will run FS9 as the Canterbury (complete overkill for naval ops!) and will be running Terminal Services for my Thin Clients, plus any other remote access applications around the house and ManCave.  I also plan on using it for DCS:World and VR.
  • *IF* the 4th i7 is a goer, I will make it into a dedicated Terminal Server/F421 sim, releasing the 3rd PC to be a sim/VR machine.

By SeanG

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