Added a few old FDS panels to the pedestal tonight.  Looks good with more in it!

The Engine Fire panel is not right for a classic, and would take some fitting, so I may make a new one instead… or I may be able to use some old bits from work… we’ll see!

By SeanG

2 thought on “737 Pedestal is filling out”
  1. So where did you get your audio control panels? I’ve been hard pressed to find them for less than 2k each…. 🙁 I recently completed the overhead and could find all the OEM avionics for between $100-$500 each but the audio control panel is the only one that has been hard to find cheap.

    1. Hi Mike, Sorry for the long time to reply! I am very fortunate to have scored those from work. We don’t often see Audio panels in cockpits that we buy, but a couple had them!

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