MS Ship Simulator 2004??

After spending time developing a workable, pleasing “panel” package for ‘Canterbury’, I’ve been really **really** enjoying sending the thing sailing around the Pacific.
I now have a cool setup where I can create a sail?? plan in Plan-G, then set the ship to follow that plan….. sounds dull, right? But add in some remote access so I can see how my voyage is doing from my laptop or iPhone…..
FS2004 has some really cool sea-level views, and even some of the tiny atolls in the Pacific are pretty cool.

The sunsets are not that bad either!

Multiplayer fun

Ok… a little out of the ordinary; I have setup a PC to be a “drone” for the TA-4. Basically I plan on loading this thing up as a ship/tanker/transport whatever I can think of, and use it in a multiplayer mission….
I’ve compiled a nice HMNZS Canterbury (the cool one; F421 Leander frigate) and have been creating sail plans and sailing the thing around. FS9 actually makes a pretty reasonable ship sim 🙂

Then I set up another PC, added my Logitech Momo Force wheel, and loaded up a Unimog… to go meet the Canterbury… Fun was had… Ideas were hatched…. Multiplayer scenarios coming 🙂